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Overlays of shape, color, and pattern, combine to form a remarkable experience when engaging with the work of Tallulah Terryll. The artists' attentiveness to the interactions of these basic elements produces a visual sensation that is richly layered.

There are wonderful surprises - the precision of pattern is often spontaneously broken, which enhances the overall balance of each piece. By letting some edges bleed, while others remain firmly defined (sometimes outlined), a viewer is able to see hints of the artists real-time studio decision making process.

The finished works speak strongly of her materials - we recognize cut-out stencils, rolls of tape, and methods of pattern-making that indicate a sense of handwork while demonstrating an understanding and exploration of materials.

Finally, the rhythm of each piece becomes, somehow, its own element and seems to float a few inches above the surface of the paper, vibrating the light waves. It is an independent element resonating between the art and the viewer the way a favorite song would if it were visible.

After receiving her B.F.A. in 2003 and spending 2 years in Japan, Terryll is currently based in Oakland, California. She has had numerous group and solo exhibitions. more info at: and 11 questions with the artist
Blue Panel36 Light Yellow CirclesApple QuiltDrainBodhiTuxedoThirty Six White on WhiteGift Scotch