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Contributing artist Steven H. Silberg creates works that provoke us to re-evaluate not only how we experience images, but the ways in which they are constructed. By using pixels (the foundation of all digital images) and temporality (a truly photographic concept) as his medium Silberg explores his own creative process as wells the broader concept of how images in our contemporary culture are made.

In the artists' "Reductive Videos," for example, each frame in a sequence of frames of video is analyzed with the one that has come before, then reduced to show only those pixels highlighting new motion. The results are extraordinary filmic compilations documenting the bare minimum needed to describe movement.

Something like and yet unlike is done to color: Silberg's "Now Playing" series of still images interprets the color of a movie, frame by frame, to come to rest on an average of sorts: a coloristic representation of the entirety of a film in a single still image.

In some projects like the 'Pixel-Lapse' photo booth, viewers participate in the manipulation of the image while it is being created. The resulting variety of images illustrates both the unique collaboration between artist and viewer and the temporal aspect of the work.

Throughout his work, Silberg calibrates, with more or less control, a type of 'photographic' exposure time which creates images that coalesce the digital photographic process and the passage of time while also baring the process of image-making itself. more info at:
Now Playing - Les Triplettes de BellevilleNow Playing - MetropolisNow Playing -TronNow Playing - Pi, Faith in ChaosPixel Lapse - Self PortraitPixel Lapse - JedPixel Lapse - UMD08Pixel Lapse - MICA09