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Emerging artist Seren Moran's recent portfolio of Brazil paintings are vibrant, bright, and full of movement. The volume is turned up in the work and, as sometimes happens in good music (which they suggest) this increases their positive effect.

The series of cityscapes show geometric views of buildings, golden streets leading into bright red horizons and canvases filled to overflowing with patterned rooftops.

Brushwork varies in intensity and indicates the surface without overwhelming the sense of perspective. The combination of deliberate and spontaneous application indicates a desire to experiment and push boundaries in order to find the most effective means of expressing the wonders of Brazil and the curiosity of life.

Seren Moran was born in 1989 in Berkeley, California. Upon graduating college in May of 2011, she moved to Brazil for 10 months where she taught English, learned Portuguese and painted. For more information, go to