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The sounds that artist Scott F. Hall lures from his various instruments and occasional field recordings resonate with a deeply internal, thoughtful sensibility. The intensity with which he creates, plays, and composes reveals a freedom of expression and ultimately a real pleasure in making sound.

The richly layered sound works (here presented in video format) range from short (25 seconds) pieces such as "Ear Shark" to longer compositions as in "Somewhere Between C and E" (5 minutes, 18 seconds). The artist always succeeds in focusing a listeners attention to the sounds created, the present moment, the instruments - in short, the act of listening.

His explorations go beyond a definition of 'music' or 'song' and allow us to experience sound in a new way by providing a new context in which to hear it. There is a layering and a mystery, a manipulation of instruments and recorded sound, and a rock energy which allows the listener to expand our scope of what art can be as well as what music can be.

Be sure also to see the piece called Cu Na Mara (Hounds of the Sea) in which Hall collaborated with artist Matt Dombrowski to create a visual melody to match, precisely, the feelings that the sounds evoke.

Also included here is a video self-portrait, in which Hall reveals himself in a way that parallels his sound work; slowly, patiently, and with great finesse.

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Scott F. Hall [born 1963, California] is an intermedia artist working predominantly in the medium of sound for exhibition in the visual art context. Currently, Hall is developing a new microtonal sound practice of indefinite time signature which merges organum novum and power ambient pealing to create a form which is free from the shackles of tuning and time.

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