Scott F. Hall


Cu Na Mara (Hound of the Seas) - stereo sound & video: 1:39 - 2009

by Scott F. Hall and Matt Dombrowski

a collaboration in moving image and sound by Matt Dombrowski and Hall " a phenomenological paradox: a superrealist experience created through synthetic means... It is an audio-visual fabric woven from nothing more than zeros and ones."


Old Settlement Road - sound: 3:41 - 2009

a work which records the sounds of a summer night in Merritt Island, Florida. One hears the voices of numerous mosquitoes, frogs, crickets, and birds as well as the clatter of a train passing far off on the opposite shore.


Video Self-Portrait - silent video: 2:13 - 2009


Shooting Star - sound 0:36 - 2009

this piece depicts the process of convergence of Eastern and Western cultures in our time through the blending of differing traditions in the rapidly changing 21st century.

It is comprised of two primary elements in multiple, interwoven layers: 1) Hall on the dan bau, a rare acoustic-electric single-stringed musical instrument native to Vietnam and; 2) recitation by Classics scholar Eleni Manolaraki the poem BYRON by Kostas Kariotakis in the original Greek language in which it was written.


Strings (Hold the Ensuing Silence) by Scott F. Hall and Elise Frost - video and sound: 3:00 - 2012


Pressed for Time - sound: 2:18 - 2012

Played on a duoquadramonotar—a unique, fretless electric bass register instrument invented by the artist. Hall typically plays his double-necked original entirely with hammer-on and pull-off technique to create interwoven arpeggio patterns.