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Whether photography or video, the work of emerging artist Rebecca Najdowski pays attention to the 'phenomenal' - here meaning: perceptible through the senses or immediate experience. The word is a capstone for one of the most essential aims of creativity in general, and for much of the force of this artists work.

In the video piece 'Trace', for example, the video acts as both the final artwork and as a documentation of the artists intervention into the landscape. The movement within the video is immediately perceived as animation and makes no pretense of seamless motion. It compels the viewer to be conscious of its own medium, yet does not become distracting. Simultaneously, the work extends to become the documentation of the intervention. As a result, the viewer experiences an exciting series of animated still images illuminating both the mechanisms of animation and intervention.

In her 'Night for Day' images, and 'Black Sun' video a spontaneous edge and irreverent, sometimes even absurdist fun surfaces in recognition that a known object, along with our understanding of it, can suddenly be transformed. The photograms, though abstract, are based on actual objects and the result - as in Najdowski's work at large - is a lingering, engaging sense of mystery for the ways in which the ordinary, morphed through her specific lens, becomes extraordinary.

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