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The photographer Peter Tonningsen works in series, usually making 20 - 30 images based on a particular exploration or interest. In order to highlight a theme among them, namely, the patterns he is able to create and expose, I am happy to present selections from 3 of his series.

In the first, a group named "Flotsam & Jetsam", Tonningsen creates unique patterns by collecting objects washed on the the beach, scanning them, and digitally organizing them into themes based on color, shape, or texture.

The second, called "Quadratic Equations", are cyanotypes that the artist started to create after his young son was diagnosed with a disorder that makes it difficult to recognize patterns and therefore to learn to read.

The third series, "Mom's House", are photographs of striking intimacy made inside his mothers house while he was visiting as an adult.

Though each group tells us something individually, experiencing the three interwoven in the larger portfolio presented here shows how pattern can function like language, and vice-versa. Threading through all this artists work is a multi-generational observation of his own personal language whose visual structures communicate with and through the patterns and languages that surround us.

The artist lives and works in Alameda, CA and has had numerous group and solo exhibitions. more info at: and 11 questions with the artist