Nick Briz



A New Ecology for the Citizen of the Digital Age Video by Nick Briz


Binary Quotes Video by Nick Briz


From The Ground Up In Order, Embrace Video by Nick Briz


Vernacular of File Formats - R3M1X Video by Nick Briz


The New Aesthetic link to project.This fascinating and brand new project by Nick Briz is, according to the artist " executable-essay / open-source javascript artware-library for quick [re]production of 'New Aesthetic' compositions and related new-media art tropes." In other words, dive in and have fun!




The Glitch Codec Tutorial link to download.This piece is part workshop and part artist lecture on glitch art. Briz shares his tools and techniques on making a "glitch codec" as well as his thoughts on the philosophy and ethics of this relatively new art form.




Mix Master Mickey link to download. Mix Master Mickey is a software tool/artwork created by Nick Briz and Eric Garcia. It enables a user to rip videos from the internet and remix in real-time.





Duck Feed link to play. Duck Feed is a fun little HTML5 game created by Briz as a response to childhood memories. Click the link above to play on any modern browser.






The Martin Arnolizer link to download. The Martin Arnolizer is an easy to use application Briz created that allows a user to recreate Martin Arnold films ( along with that artists signature effects) in realtime.