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Matteo Pasin's video investigations are fascinating interpretations of the world around us. He looks closely, considers closely, and then transforms everyday experiences. In the work, there is an imperative (on both the artist and the viewer) to ask questions. These are investigations that goes beyond simply creating abstractions.

From fireworks, to the medium of video, to a rushing stream - light, movement, and sound come together to tweak our perception and remind us that sometimes with a small change in viewpoint can come a large change in understanding.

Watching, we understand both the distortion and the original source. The simultaneity of this results in a new visual and audio experience, a slight shifting of our understanding of the world. This is what art does.

Matteo Pasin [b. 1986] is an Italian photographer and video-maker living in Berlin. He graduated in 2011 with a degree in Philosophy from the University of Venice. He has been making videos since 2009 and has recently begun taking still photographs. In 2012 he was selected for a one year residence at Fondazione bevilacqua la masa of Venice with the art collective dirtmor.

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