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Contributing artist Mark Winicov consistently challenges the structures and habits of our visual perception: how we intuit forms, how we expect to see them interact and coalesce, for example, into foreground and background, object and shadow. The resultant images are quiet illusions that present themselves for the viewer's contemplation.

Winicov's visions explore, and sometimes explode daily versions of reality by interrogating the perceptual assumptions that undergird them. He uses intricacies of line, light, color, and reflection which confound a stable definition while simultaneously offering clues to his process. By limiting his use of a horizon line (or other spatial cues), Winicov gestures both to the inherent flatness of the photographic medium and to the intangibility, even the surreality, of memory.

These various arrangements rest upon a work that is always technically and aesthetically exact, certain of its intent even as it insists, at times playfully, at times more seriously, upon the dimensions of perceptual ambiguity.
Allegory of SightThereReflecting PoolA Measure of HopeVeiled FableThe Thirteenth FloorWaterworksIlluminata