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In the 4 portfolios presented here, artist Mark Isaac shows us fissures in ordinary vision. Situated within a solid conceptual framework, each portfolio (Every Image, Reflections, Media Portraits, Motion Studies), explores reality, especially photographic reality, using different techniques.

From making still images move to collecting and combining images from websites, Isaac indicates our fast-paced, information-saturated contemporary environment. The outcome of his various investigations is a refracting, reflecting, compiling, distorting, skewing, and assembling of existing visual impressions until a new, whole image is formed.

The work is both intimate and sweeping. We see very familiar imagery that has been mediated through various means (from electronic devices to darkroom effects) and simultaneously recognize the original and the fractured moment. This contrasts richly with an overall sense of objectivity and recording - a witnessing of our contemporary lives and a reflection of both its puzzles and, thankfully, its possibilities.

Mark Isaac is a Washington, DC artist working in traditional and digital photography, alternative processes, and video. His work focuses on our capacity for positive change in an age consumed by consumer culture and electronic media. more info at:
Every image from, 2.6.11Every image from, 1.19.11Every image from, 10.26.10Detroit, MI, 12.3.05, 18:47:08Washington, DC, 10.15.05, 11:27:12Washington, DC, 10.15.05, 13:27:24Untitled Media Portrait (Grimacing Woman)Untitled Media Portrait (White Eyes)Untitled Self-Portrait, 1.28.07, 17:55:16Untitled Motion Study (House)Untitled Motion Study (Industrial Building)Untitled Motion Study (Overpass)Untitled Motion Study (Parking Garage)Untitled Motion Study (Silos)