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Works from 2 related portfolios by artist Lillian Bayley Hoover are this months featured work. The first series, titled From Here, includes images that refer to the various ways in which contemporary experiences of war are mediated. The second series, Sites of Power, extends some of the same concepts and techniques into new and very poignant territory by shifting the frame of reference, eliminating extraneous information, and highlighting imperfections.

Hoover starts by photographing small-scale models in various scenarios and then makes detailed paintings from the photographs. The objects - so far removed from their original context and scale - give the paintings a sense of un-reality and altered perspective. The layers of mediation, translation, and filtration are analogous to the way we navigate experiences of the wars the US is currently engaged in as well as pointing to the many ways in which the abstract idea of 'power' can be viewed.

The paintings are reminders that politics, war, and power surround us and that we relate to these, each to our own degree, in myriad ways and through myriad levels of interference. These subtly formidable paintings evoke powerful ideas without being oppressive - in this is their strength.

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