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Artist Leslie Supnet creates drawings and animations that have been described in a number of different ways; melancholy, surreal, poignant. Above all they are honest, gentle, and convey a sincerity which, in these ironic times, can be disarming.

Part of their strength comes from precisely this frank approach toward an array of subjects; memories, ghosts, identity, among others. In each there is an emotional bareness resulting in a vivid experience for the viewer that feels a bit like a half-remembered dream from one's own childhood.

The drawings feature a cast of characters that may, at first glance, seem to come from (or be intended for) children's books. However, after brief consideration, other more complex topics become apparent. While each piece creates a narrative which references childhood and innocence, the mature themes of vulnerability and loss are very much intended for adults.

The animations and short films further expand the lives of the characters rewarding viewers with a deeper look into the uncanny, surprising worlds they inhabit. The delicacy of all these creations deserves our attention.

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Leslie Supnet is an artist from Winnipeg, MB Canada whose moving image and drawing aims to express sincerity, lived experience, and the multiplicity of human emotion. She earned a BSc. in Applied Mathematics in 2003. Her works have screened at various international festivals, cinemas and microcinemas. For more information, go to
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