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Landscapes come in many different forms, media, style. They can verge on the abstract, or be very pictorial. They can be imaginary, stylized, realistic. Regardless of the specifics, they all portray a visual rendering of what some place or space is like.

This series of landscapes by artist Jessica Adams, created using film, light, and luck bring a viewers thoughts inward while visually expanding outward. The eyes move back into the space created by a horizon line.

There are signs within the images that point to the physical process of making. Adams processes the film alternatively by such methods as exposing the film to light while shooting, throwing the film in the laundry machine with a pile of dirty clothes, or letting the film soak in a glass of water for a few days. These raw methods remind us of the physicality of film and the remarkable way the light can be transformed into an image.
These images - these imaginary places - bring us into an alternate world where colors shift, light slows down and smudges across the sky. The space and place in these images is one in which there is time to breathe and look. And in the looking see both the evidence of the creation of the landscape and the mysterious place itself.

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