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The work of artist Inga Pae is bright and light with a positive feeling permeating her images. Presented here are selections from 2 different series as well as a handful of singles which, combined, illustrate her vivid and spontaneous photographic vision.

The photos from the series 'There is a Field' are shiny, mysterious imaginings of relationships among various characters. A narrative is implied, but the specifics are open to the viewer and there are likely as many different stories envisioned as there are people who experience the images. By leaving room for this, Pae engages her viewers on multiple levels -- with the artist, with the photographic work itself, and with the characters represented within the images.

In the series 'Inconspicuous Traffic' she uniquely illustrates the invisible traffic flying around us at all times. We can choose to see it as the energy suggested by quantum theory, cell phone and other electronic signals made visible, or even the overwhelming amount of information that surrounds us all in 2012. There is a movement in both the images themselves and the figures - surrounded by a whirlwind of motion - that captures the feeling of our contemporary life, they way we move through so much information…

Inga Pae is based in Colorado and works on projects that engage a wide variety of contemporary topics. Using her own language of photography, she aims to inspire new conversations and connections. more info at: