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From her intense images of the contaminated areas damaged by the radiation from the Chernobyl explosion in 1986, to the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, to Iran, Lebanon and beyond, and to her newest work with Iraqi refugees, photographer Gabriela Bulisova consistently shows an intimacy with, and empathy for her subjects. The results are compelling images that share her unique vision, her subtle palette, and her conscience.

Bulisova's primary photographic and artistic focus is the realm of socially concerned documentary photography. This corresponds with her belief in an artist’s political awareness and responsibilities, as well as the potential of art to educate, influence, and change.
This months Artist Portfolio presents a wide variety of her work from her many projects, culminating with selections from her series of Iraqi Refugees in America. Fearful for their own safety and the safety of family members in Iraq (they are seen as “collaborators” for helping the U.S. and are being targeted for assassination - these most vulnerable refugees have been resettled by the United States government as an “option of last resort”) many have asked that she not reveal their faces or names. Bulisova effectively overcomes this unique challenge of simultaneously revealing and concealing an identity in these powerful black and white portraits.

Bulisova, a native of the former Czechoslovakia, received her MFA in Photography and Digital Imaging in 2005 and has had numerous group shows, solo exhibitions, grants, and awards for her work.
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