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The featured photographs of artist danconnortown show a variety of ordinary moments from everyday life that are extraordinarily seen. The inspiration that drives him to make images permeates through them and allows the viewer a glimpse into the visual possibilities that make up his day.

Sifting through hundreds of images in order to decide what to include here, in this portfolio, was an enjoyable exercise that could have gone in any number of directions. Certainly there are themes that run throughout the work which could have been focused upon, but ultimately, in order to reflect the vast array of this photographer's vision and curiosity a wide range of images were chosen.

On display is evidence of a curiosity for not only the people, places, and things that surround him, but also of how these will appear as images. The range of subject matter is diverse and unpredictable. The energy within the images speaks to a spontaneity of vision, at times a keen sense of humor, and a full sense of being there, for a minute anyway, until we look at the next and are suddenly somewhere else.

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