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A thoughtful story with a unique twist is told in the newest animation called Spear, Fish, Boat from San Francisco based artist Dan McHale. Presented here is the brand new short film (click here to watch) and still images from the same film (below). The stills will shed some light onto the intense process of making an animation frame by frame by single frame and the work it takes to make characters come alive in the finished piece. They are immensely enjoyable either on their own or in the animated version.

McHale's broad range - from illustrations and animations, to a wonderful series of 36 paintings of the Hamm's brewery sign (a former landmark in San Francisco) speaks to the real pleasures that he derives from the act of creating and story-telling. His work ranges from poignant to funny to satiric while remaining enjoyable and accessible. His creativity is apparent in all the details; from fine lines, deep colors, and loose gestures he allows his inspiring energy to come through.

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