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The works of artist Beti Bricelj are deep explorations of movement through the geometry of carefully considered shape, color, and composition. The works, acrylic on canvas, are very carefully executed in all aspects and clearly indicate a commitment to a unique artistic exploration.

The pieces are individual puzzles that are built to carefully interlock, while at the same time indicate a movement, a motion, a flow. They are precise but never static. It is possible to enter the works visually, to feel the dynamic space created by the geometry and to gain an understanding of the logic within each piece. The planes within the compositions sometimes tilt and spin sometimes refract and reflect and always reveal a sensitivity to the effective use of color and shape to manipulate perceived space.

The intricate layers of space and shades of color combine to reveal an extraordinary understanding of the possibilities in such a single-minded approach. To create real movement in such a wide variety of ways while simultaneously pushing her vision and remaining true to her own rules is a true accomplishment.
Each painting is very much its own work, but it is also fascinating to view them one after the other. Unexpected patterns and connections form among the multiple works that echo the patterns existing within each individual piece. In this way, the relationships themselves increase in importance and add an exciting layer of complexity to this already multi-faceted series of works.

Beti Bricelj was born in 1974 in Postojna, Slovenia. In 2000 she graduated from Fine Arts on Arthouse - College of Visual Arts in Ljubljana. Since 2002 Bricelj has been a member of the Union of Slovene Fine Arts Associations. She lives and works in Postojna. More info at: