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Ben Rose utilizes the camera as a way to observe that which is not usually visible. There is light and motion beyond what the human eye can see and it is always fascinating to be reminded of, and get a glimpse into, this other world.

Rose uses the camera as a way to extend perception and the results of his experiments are a set of images with a unique velocity, movement, and energy. They are dynamic images that use bright color and a strong sense of motion to provide a distinct visual experience. There is also a sense of space within the images - an area defined by length, width, height, and especially depth. This makes it possible to enter into the image and feel the elements on all sides. He creates images that will, in his words, "resemble the immaterial, energy-based world that lies beyond our senses".

Ben Rose was born and raised in Colorado before heading to New York to earn his B.A. in Art & Film History from Sarah Lawrence College where, in 2004, he first began creating his kinetic light art photography. After two years in the Ph.D. in Art History program at the City University of New York Graduate Center, he chose to devote himself completely to the study and practice of light and lighting at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Lighting Research Center, where he received a M.Sci. in Lighting. more info at:
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