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this month, in order to more fully consider that art which we interact with on a daily basis - in and on the street, outside of galleries and museums - pivot art gallery is pleased to showcase anonymous public art.

this work is made and displayed in any number of places: in alley corners, on any wall, on sidewalks, throughout public parks - anywhere really can be transformed into a gallery. often un-signed, (except perhaps with style or reputation) these paintings and sculptures convey a sense of their creators desire to communicate or decorate without necessarily being recognized for it.

there is an amazing range of materials employed: from sculptures made of driftwood to paintings on stones, posters, graffiti tags, spray-paint portraits, stickers, knitting, stencils, and more - anonymous art is all around us all the time.

we will be adding more images throughout the month as they are discovered. we also invite you to share your images of anonymous art that you notice. just send it to info [@] along with where you found it and it will be added to this months featured portfolio.