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Adriana Mosquera's photographs speak of modern-day urban encounters with the surrounding environment. Scenes, people, trends, shapes, environments, and objects, are set in new illustrative contexts which clearly illustrates an attentiveness to what surrounds the artist and the extra meaning that these things can take. Presented here are selections from 3 different portfolios: Enlightened/Iluminados, Urban Icebergs/Icebergs Urbanos, and Out of Frame/Fuera de Campo.

In Enlightened/Iluminados, there are a variety of scenes in which humans are transfixed by screens emitting light. The isolation, even when people are together, is palpable. The series Urban Icebergs/Icebergs Urbanosexplores the surreal forms of inflatable structures and their prevalence (often going unnoticed) in our urban environments. Out of Frame/Fuera de Campo explores a basement storage facility and the dynamic relationships that can occur in photographs among inanimate objects.

In each series, by making the ordinary extraordinary, the artist reminds the viewer that if we take a moment to look, we can see our modern-day world in a new and fascinating light.

Adriana Mosquera (Bogotá 1981), received her BFA from National University of Colombia in 2008. By an international grant that she was awarded In 2009 she received her MFA in Photography from EFTI a leading European School of Photography, located in Madrid - Spain. Her artistic process has been based on photography as a tool for studying natural and cultural phenomena in which she investigates the concept of space and the relationship between objects, erasing the borders of the public and private spaces. More info at: