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In addition to still photography, the artist Aaron Leaman creates short videos. With these tools, in addition to music, he is developing a language and and a vocabulary with which to communicate, sometimes quietly, and sometimes loudly, but the message of looking, searching, finding, always comes through.

There are a variety of ways of establishing and exploring identity in artworks, and Leaman adeptly does this in a totally un-self-conscious way. There is a naturalness to his expression that is refreshing during such an ironic time. This is all the more interesting given the fact that a straightforward view of his subjects faces are not seen. And in spite of this, a viewer is able to connect to the work in a way that involves them in the mystery.

The hiding of the identity may seem to be as much the subject of the work as the figures themselves and begs the question; why is the artist hiding and in some cases actually erasing the faces of the subjects? The images ask questions which lead to new questions which lead to new questions and so on. In the end though, the imagination is activated beyond a need to know who exactly is pictured.

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